About the town of Sozopol

Sozopol is one of the most ancient settlements on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It was built on the site of the ancient Greek colony Apollonia Pontica that was named after God Apollo – the patron of seafarers. Like Nesebar, this town is situated on a picturesque rocky peninsula. It has an old and a new (modern) part. The old part of town is an architectural reserve. There are more than 80 old houses of architectural value in it, built closely together among narrow and steep cobblestone streets. The Archaeological Museum preserves valuable pottery and stone obelisks, relieves, amphorae and coins. The richest collection of Greek vases can be seen in it. Other interesting sights are the Virgin Mary’s Church, the Wall Museum and the local art gallery. The tourists have at their disposal two quiet beautiful beaches with golden sand. One of them is along the bay. The other, larger beach, called Harmani, spreads up to the southern part of town. Sozopol is especially attractive for artists.

The unique atmosphere of the town, the aroma of old wood and fig jam, the cobblestone streets and the fishermen’s nets will leave an unforgettable memory of your holidays here.




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